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Crafting Inspiring Interior Designs

Discover a space where artistic ingenuity seamlessly merges with functional interior design. We bring your visions to life, curating personalized spaces that tell stories for homes or businesses. Join us in a transformative journey.

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    Design Consultations

    Collaborate with our expert for personalized advice. Gain visionary insights and tailored solutions to enhance your spaces effectively and creatively.

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    Project Management

    Enlist us for complete project oversight. Our fee covers planning, design, materials, and execution. Secure dedicated design services with ease.

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    Short Term Rentals

    Transform rentals into captivating spaces. Our specialist creates inviting environments for exceptional guest experiences and optimal returns on investment.

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    Real Estate Staging

    Elevate property appeal through strategic staging. Emphasize strengths, create connections, and maximize value to entice potential buyers.

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    Commercial Spaces

    Cultivate unique spaces reflecting brand identity. Excel in functional, aesthetic designs enhancing productivity, ambiance, and customer engagement.

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Office Hours:Monday to Wednesday 10 am to 3 pmBerkeley, California(510) 778 5062maia@calihouseinc.com